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domestic horrorscapes #01*

Fig. #01.  Domestic Horrorscapes — Shot from the exhibition at Spazio In Situ (Rome), 2021.

          The installation DOMESTIC HORRORSCAPES #01 is a macabre space that stages domestic horror inside of a tent hosted at Spazio In Situ (Rome) for the exhibition ‘ISIT.exhi#001’, curated by Arianna Desideri. 

          Horror - conceived as a violent impression of repulsion, cruelty and fear - is deeply connected to our very nature of human beings since the time we lived as primates. In a way, the sensation of horror and terror can be described as an ancestral experience, our fears being rooted in a genetic reality that dates thousands of years back into our primordial past. On the other hand, its dark and explicit languages have deeply influenced its reputation across society at large, whose censorship and ‘morality’ have strictly bound it to the artistic realm.

Fig. #02.  Domestic Horrorscapes — Portrait of the cursed space inside the tent at Spazio In Situ (Rome), 2021.

          In this scenario, DOMESTIC HORRORSCAPES acts as a ‘cursed’ dark temple aiming to shatter the boundaries of respectability to fall into our daily lives and break the construction of the domestic landscape as we know it. Subverting the concept of the tent as a safe shelter, DOMESTIC HORRORSCAPES #01 celebrates a new, sinister environment that stages nightmare as a paradigm of hypothetical living, one uncanny setting through which we may exorcise our own existences. One shadow tool with the power to eradicate the ‘sacred’, conservatory representations of our society and build new, radical narratives for our future.

Fig. #03-06.  Many dark tools inhabit the Domestic Horrorscape. Slaughtered Pillows, the Grim Mokamonster — and many more. All these artifacts have murdered and replaced the standard objects that are usually found in our houses, thus transforming the space into a cursed dimension. — Spazio In Situ, 2021.

Fig. #07.  Domestic Horrorscape — Visitors inhabiting the cursed installation at Spazio In Situ (Rome), 2021.