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faulty artifact*

Fig. #01.  Faulty Artifact Act I: Genesis (02′21″43‴) — projecting eretical thoughts on a blank canvas, 2020.

          Faulty Artifact is an act of rural resistance and revolution that was recorded right after the spread of a global pandemic, which caused many professionals and scholars to question the very foundations of their practices. In this scenario, the performance critically displays a designer’s struggle to rethink his role as an agent of change, in a planet overwhelmed by industrial vomit, customer seizure and environmental rape.

          How may I send a message? What kind of message do we need? Am I allowed to design during our dark times Am I able to design something useful, ethical, sustainable, fair, genderless, raceless, uncatastrophic, pure May I call myself a ‘designer’ while I don’t aim to fit that role Is there a reason to design? What is it? Should we design not to be designed? Should we conquer not to be conquered? But more importantly, is it ethical to design? (it depends on the aims and methods...) Why should I design a flag? And what should I write upon it?

Fig. #02-03.  Shots from the performance’s Acts II: Island (03′35″51‴) and III: Doom (04′09″15‴), 2020.

          The one-time performance is divided into three acts: (1) ‘Genesis’, (2) ‘Island’, and (3) ‘Doom’, each of whom expresses one heretical intent in the form of a manifesto. The project aims to shine a different light upon the glossy, corrupt surface of design: should we produce, or should we only extrude questions?  —  Link to video.︎︎︎

Fig. #04.  Storyboard collecting the elaboration & developement process for the performance, 2020.