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rea! art fair 2021*

Fig. #01-02.  Detail of the front stand at Spazio Ex-Cisterne inside Fabbrica Del Vapore — Milan, 2021.

          From April until September 2021, I was asked to curate the visual communication for the 2nd edition of ReA! Art Fair, a disruptive exhibition hosted inside of the Ex-Cisterne spaces at Fabbrica Del Vapore, in Milan. This new edition of the Fair gathered 100 emerging artists from all over the globe between performers, visual artists, designers and photographers, among many other practices, who had the chance to show and sell their latest artworks to the public and create site- specific installations inside of the exhibition.

          Here is the documentation of a selection among the printed material that I’ve designed for the event, along with the digital advertising: waves coming from an electric-blue cloth that represents ReA!’s colour shades, figuratively connecting each interdisciplinary practice and unveiling as the exhibition takes place over the spaces of the exhibition.

Fig. #03-04.  Advertising graphics for ReA! Art Fair - 2nd Edition as seen at the entrance of Fabbrica Del Vapore in Milan, 2021.

          The advertising graphics were placed both in- and outside of Spazio Ex-Cisterne, at Fabbrica Del Vapore, and also across many stands and walls throughout the city of Milan, while the digital communication addressed many collaborations and sponsorships across many different media — from editorial projects such as Lampoon Magazine to national and local curatorial platforms like Artoday.

Fig. #05.  Shot of ReA! Art Fair’s - 2nd Edition exhibition at Fabbrica Del Vapore — Milan, 2021.

Fig. #06-07.  Visual designs for ReA! Art Fair’s catalogue, 2021. The catalogue was edited collectively together with fellow Ilaria Castelli.